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7 Horses Canvas Print, Vastu Compliant Art, Auspicious Seven Horses, Symbol of Growth, Wealth, Career, Success, Courage, Valor & Prosperity. This is a ‘must buy’.

It is important to clearly understand the effect that the painting of seven horses will bring when placed in a particular direction.

For Home and Office (Do’s & Dont’s)

1. The best direction for hanging a 7 horse painting is the south wall of the house or office. This direction is associated with success and fame and keeping the painting here, will be beneficial. However, if it is not possible to hang the painting in this direction, one can choose the east or the north wall to place the painting. The north is the direction of wealth and career. So, a 7 horse painting on the north wall will invite prosperity to the family. The east is the direction for growth. So, placing this painting on the east wall is advisable for those looking for career growth.

2. The ideal location to place the lucky painting of seven galloping horses is in the living room of the

3. Remember to place it on a wall in the Vaastu-recommended direction. Avoid placing it near the window or the main entrance.

4. For office purposes, The south direction, as per Vaastu Shastra, represents success and fame. If this location is unavailable, then place the painting on the east wall. Make sure that the painting faces the inside of the office and not outside.

5. It is ideal to select a photo that depicts an odd number of horses. Preferably 3, 5, and lucky 7. Do ensure that the painting does not portray an incomplete picture of the horses or has a single horse.

6. One should ensure that the painting does not depict an incomplete image of the horses.

7. Ensure that the size of the painting is proportional to the size of the room. Do not choose a small painting for a large and spacious house.

8. Choose the right medium for the painting, such as canvas and wood, which is strong and Vastu-friendly. Do not choose paper as a medium for the painting.

9. Make sure to pick a painting wherein the faces of the horses have peaceful expressions while buying one.

10. The horses in the painting must be running in symmetry without hurdle. They should be shown running in open ground, not on the water.

11. As discussed above, do not hang the painting in other directions since the wrong direction of the painting might leave a bad impact on your life. Be careful and place it in the direction according to the Vastu.


  • 48 x 60 inches
  • 36 x 48 inches
  • 24 × 36 inches
  • 16 × 24 inches
  • 12 × 16 inches

You can select from various options to display the design you have selected. Each option of the display has its own uniqueness.

  1. ROLLED CANVAS: Place your design directly on the wall by selecting the rolled canvas option. Our canvas is eco-friendly.
    2. STRETCHED CANVAS PRINT: Get your design display in the evergreen, elegant stretched canvas where the frame/hardboard is hidden by the design on all the sides. We use a wooden frame or 6 to 7mm hardboard on which your design will be stretched to give it a finished look. This display is wrapped in a bubble sheet and shipped in straight form in a corrugated box.
    3. FRAMED CANVAS PRINT: The traditional Frame canvas print for easy hanging on the wall. We make them in six sizes in square and rectangular shapes based on the design. The frame color can be customized, commonly available in black, white, brown, ivory and wooden look.



12X16, 16X24, 24X36, 36X48, 48X60


Framed, Rolled, Stretched


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